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Features & Benefits:-

* Extra Wide Power Band for engines with High Flow Heads.

* Lobe center spread from 548 to develop a different power curve.

* Ideal Compression Ratio; 11.5:1

* High lift High Load valve springs are required, Part # AV-VSK8000TG & S&S Roller Rocker Kit # SS900-1084

Tech Tip:-

* Early torque cam in a big bore kit running 11.5:1 Compression

* Red Shift in.0.560 liftin. Cams are designed to be used with higher rocker arm ratios(1.64:1), while fitting into a 0.580in. Lift Spring Pack. You MUST use S&S Roller Rocker Kit # SS900-1084

Suggested Additional Purchase

* Cam change gasket kit # CG-C10178

* S&S Quickee Pushrod Kit # SS930-0123

* S&S Tappet Cuffs # SS330-0655

* S&S Cam Chain Tensioner # SS330-0737

* S&S Oil Control Valve # SS310-1150

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