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Fitment Details:-

* Universal Fitment for 12V Applications.

* Our L.E.D. Battery Gauge is an array of L.E.D.’s indicating the operating voltage of the bike’s electrical system.

* Green L.E.D.’s represent the normal operating range of your charging system, 12.5v to 14.5v. Amber L.E.D.’s warn the rider that the bike is not charging.

* Red L.E.D.’s will flash if the reading drops below 10v or exceeds 15v to alert the rider of an impending stall or the possibility of damageto the battery &/or sensitive electronic components on the motorcycle.

* Simple two-wire connection & a compact size (about 2in. x 3/4in. x 3/16in.) make installation a breeze.

* A daylight sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the L.E.D.’s. Universal fitment designed for all 12v charging systems.

Proudly Made by Kuryakyn !

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