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* Fitment Note: Caliper must be mounted dead centre over disc to eliminate overheating and premature failure.

* Also fits Right Hand rear on all applicable models (exc.rigid) when used in conjunction with the appropriate bracket.

* Our 500 series differential bore 4 piston caliper continues to be unmatched for performance and value. Utilizing a smaller diameter piston at the lead-in of the rotor and a larger piston on the trailing side provides optimum friction dynamics by equalizing the heat distrution throughout the brake pad to rotor interface. In addition, the differential bor ratio and total volumetric displacement are correctly sized to promote the best brake caliper response and brake lever feel. We also employ dual piston seals providing each piston with 2 layers of protection from contamination promoting long term leak proof operation. In addition, this sealing system improves piston pullback which reduces brake pad drag on the rotor. Recent improvements include aspecially designed brake pad retainer providing quiet operation and an improved brake pad compound promoting longer life and less pad dust.

Tech Tip:-

* Will Not Fit Springer Softails

* Will Not Fit Narrow Glide Models with Spoked Wheel

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